Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is Evolution a hypothetical scientific concept?

Assalam Alaikum Wr Wb

Islamic Scholars totally refute or discard the concept of evolution. Its natural that for these scholars the theory of Special creation is the sole satisfying explantion for the origin and diversity of life on this planet.
Is evolution a hypothetical scientific concept .?
Amazingly the concept of evolution is the integral part of Biology tought in all middle and high school level classes in Islamic countries.
I personally feel that concept of evolution cannot be totally rejected as an opponent to our religious belief. Dr. Jakir Naik in one of his lectures said that there are sooo many missing links in lineage of Human evlolution that the present fossil records are worthless to present the sequence of Human evolution. Ok accepted but which scientist claimed that the present record is final lineage of Human evolution. As new fossils are found they are adjusted in the sequence at appropriate place. And in times to come a day may be reached when we have a complete sequence of Human evolution discovered.
Holy Quran gives the exact details of origin of universe and life which is in 100% accordance with what science says today. For this Muslim scholars welcome and never miss to mention that Quran is in accordance with science. How can someone refute a part of a particular topic and accept other part of it.
In Holy Quran its not mentioned at all about creation of universe by Allah in a very small part of time ( contrary to Bible) but its conclusive that some verses of Quran talk about creation of universe by Allah in six days and a day here is not the one we have today but equivalent to thouands of years.
In other words if Allah willed He could have created life within no time. Why such extended time was choosen by Allah to establish diversity of life. To me evolution seems to be a logical explanation. Quran is most logical of alll books on the face of earth.
Man has not been able to see an atom even though he discovered microscopes with immense magnifying and resolving powers. Still the concept of atoms ,electrons or protons is based on experiments. We all agree to it. why?. Just because we manipulated the concept of atom in many many technologies and none did violate the speculated concept of atom. Or be it case of genetics we all accept the concept of unseen gene. Here no scholar raises a question about the authenticity of these scientific knowledge.
There is no doubt that Allah is the designer of this universe and everything in the universe is his own creation including we living beings on earth. But it does not mean evolution should be discarded altogether as a concept for origin and diversity of life. Rather it may be realised that Allah designed and choose evolution to flourish diverse life on this universe.
Yes spontaneous or automatic origin and evolution of life with no divine force to begin and sustain this process, is not unacceptable.
Allah Hafiz
Sachin abdullah.

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