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Refuting claims of Taslima.

Refuting claims of Taslima.
by Nasreen Malik
It is very unfortunate that in this fast growing age of communication the muslim world is still unable to procure a media which would give voice to its views.What is more unfortunate is that the media highlights those things which go against Islam, without probing into its authenticity.
One of such articles was published lately in the Sunday Times.The writer of the article was the well known feminist and atheist Taslima Nasrin.She has severly condemned the Holy Quran without having an adequate and proper knowledge of the same.
She has written that 'The Quran had wrong informaton about the solar system - the sun moves around the earth,while the earth stands still because of the support of the mountains.'
No where in the Quran do we find even a slight indication of the above mentioned thing.The Holy Quran is in perfect confirmity with not only the science of modern cosmolgy but with all the other realms of science as well.
Regading the movement of the Sun and the Moon, the Quran states in surah - Anbiyaa [21:33]
"It is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon [and all the celestial bodies] swim along, each in its rounded course."
It is now a proven fact that all the celestial bodies float in the space but the Quran had revealed this 1400 years back. Scientists throughout the world are amazed with the scientific facts mentioned in the Quran.
Dr. Alfred Kroner,who is a renowned geologist and the chairman of the department of Geosciences, Johannes Gutenberg University,Mainz,Germany, says, ' thinking where Muhammad came from I think it is almost impossible that he could have known about things like the common origin of the universe, because scientists have only found out within the last few years, with very complicated and advanced technological methods, that this is the case.'
Taslima writes further in the article that ' The women in the Quran were treated as slaves.They were nothing but sexual objects.'
As far as the issue of the status of woman in Islam is concerned, it has been the focus of attention since last many years. Before we proceed to know the status of woman in Islam lets take a glance over the views of other civilizations in this respect. The Christian and the Jewish doctrine about woman was that 'she opens the door to satanic temptations '. In Hinduism, the woman stood debarred from being educated in the Vedas. The Greeks regarded woman as a sub-human creature whose status in society was in every way inferior to man. She was considered the root cause of all human ills and misfortunes.The condition in Rome, Iran, China, Egypt and the other centers of civilization was not any different. Centuries of inhuman treatment and universal contempt meted out to the woman had disgraced her in her own eyes. She herself had developed the mentality that she had no right and was not entitled to any place of honour in the world.
It was Islam which,at that critical juncture, granted the woman vast social and economic rights, elevated her status and provided such moral and legal safegaurds in its system for the protection of her rights and status that the like of these cannot be found in any ancient or modern social system of the world.
It was the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) who first taught the world that woman is as much a human being as man.
"Allah created you from a single soul, and from the same soul created his mate." [4:1]
Woman in Islam has a share in inheritance, she has the right to choose her husband, she has vast legal rights to obtain separation from her husband who is cruel, impotent or whom she abhors, she has the right to remarry in case of divorce or widowhood. She has full rights to own her property and to dispose it according to her will. She has the right to obtain education. In fact islam makes it possible for the woman to attain the highest degree of progress and advancement, as a woman but to become the man is non of her rights. It is neither good for her nor for the society that she should be trained for the masculine life.
The following verses of the Holy Quran would suffice to convey the idea of how highly Islam has honoured woman and elevated her status in the society.
"And among his signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquility with them and He has put love and mercy between your hearts." [30:21]
"Their Lord answered their prayer {and said} :'I never let go to waste the labour of anyone that works among you, whether male or female, for in My sight all of you are alike' ." [3:195]
"Wives have the same rights as the husbands have on them in accordance with the well known principles." [2:228]
Taslima adds that she does not need religion for inner peace. Her conscience and her knowledge are good enough for that. Its her conscience that makes her do good act rather than the fear of God. Its true that man has been endowed with the capacity to aquire knowledge, the faculty to think and reflect and the ability to distinguish right from wrong, but at the same time God has granted him a certain amount of freedom of will and action. The question which aises now is whether our conscience would always be capable of guiding us towards the right path or not ?
Our conscience might urge us to feed a hungry mouth or to do some other good act now and then but will it be consistent in it and more important than this will it always be strong enough to abstain us from fulfilling our malicious desires ? Will it be powerful enough to overcome the weaknesses of our soul ? Will it be firm enough to resist the temptations of this materialistic life ? The answer is definately no. Our conscience is too feeble and too unstable to be relied on, in this respect.
That is the reason why the need of religion arises, because its not the conscience but the God consciousness or the fear of God which prevents us from going astray.Thats why our Creator, who is a being of perfect knowledge and wisdom, has given us a complete way of life in the form of the Holy Quran.
The guidelines which Islam sets upon us do not handicap us in any way, rather not only do they help us in becoming better human beings but they work for the betterment of the community as a whole.
Thus its quite easy to refute false claims of people like Taslima Nasrin. But the tragedy is that their views are supported by those vested interest who are always trying to degrade the image of Islam and they are having the most powerful weapon in their hands called Media. Simultaneously we must admit that to some extent Muslims themselves are also responsible for this misuse. Inspite of being blessed with the heavenly guidance in the form of Quran, we are engaged in this materialistic world and don`t even try to ponder over it. Therefore misinterpretation, misquoting and misuse in the hands of Media through so called Knighthood holder or Taslima are easily propogated and truth is suppressed. This tragedy will continue if we ourselves prefer to walk in the dark and leave the Light i.e; Al- Quran.

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