Friday, September 21, 2007

Ramadan Daily Duas : DAY 1 to 30

Ramadan Daily Duas : DAY 1 to 30

This is the real time to seek forgiveness from ALLAH and to repent.
Those who missed these days will be a BIG LOOSER

Prophet said (meaning) : Those who pray during these days and seek forgiveness from ALLAH and will promise to stay away from sins, ALLAH will forgive all his/her past sins.

Are you listening ??? "Forgive all his/her past sins"

Its not a small thing, Your all past sins will vanish like a new born baby.

So, start grabbing each and every moments of Ramadan.

Do remember, Every single breathe you are taking is from ALLAH blessing.

The effort he require to take your life back, is even less then Single Mouse Click
( koon-fa-yakoon : Do and its done )

May ALLAH help us to understand and forgive all our sins. Aameen.

P.S : What if ALLAH ask you at the Day of Resurrection " What you did for Muslim Ummah ? " , Have you thought about it?? Atleast you can play your role by forwarding Islamic Informations and Educating about Islam.

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