Friday, September 07, 2007

Ramadhan At Our Doors...

Ramadan At our doors.

True Ramadan isn’t come yet. Right, but for those who seek to take Allaah’s pleasure, Ramadan has already arrived at the door.

We will inshaAllaah plan a short series that would help us in preparing for this blessed month, mentally and physically.

Reasons why we must plan for Ramadan

Have you noticed that each year, Ramadan goes by faster and faster? Personally, I can remember details of Ramadan 11 years ago better in some ways than of Ramadan last year. It’s frightening.

This blessed month can’t be left to become a blur in our memories. It has to be more than that time of the year we squeeze in fasting amongst the other things we do daily.

One way to make the most of Ramadan is to plan beforehand. Here are some reasons why you should plan for Ramadan:

Reason #1: To be in "Ramadan mode"

By planning for Ramadan before it arrives, you put your mind in "Ramadan mode". If you plan, you will mentally prepare for it, and it will force you to see it as the special month it is outside of your regular routine the rest of the year.

Reason #2: To adjust your schedule

By planning in advance, you can adjust your work, sleep and meal schedules in such a way as to make time for Suhoor, Iftar, etc. That means, for instance, that if you normally go to bed at midnight , in Ramadan you would sleep earlier in order to get up early for Suhoor. Planning in advance allows you the luxury to make time for the change in schedule that Ramadan brings.

Reason #3: To make the menu

While Ramadan may mean extra Ibadah to some of the brothers, it usually means extra cooking and more than in the kitchen for most of the sisters. Ramadan’s blessings are for men and women.

This is not the month to try new dishes or please the family, but be modest and increase in IBADAH.

(And by the way, brothers, can help buy not insisting on delicious dishes and perhaps can have an odd day every week, where you buy food from outside.)

Reason #4: Capitalize on the fajr blessings

If you aren’t regular with your Fajr, then perhaps this is the best time to get fine tuned. For those who are although praying fajr but not in the Masjid, Ramadan can be the catalyst.

Prepare yourself mentally and as you approach end of Shabaan, get as soon as possible in this mode.

Reason #5: Are you ready for Quran?

We cannot do something all of a sudden. You cannot expect to finish the entire Qurán in a month if you never had enjoying reading it for the last 11 months.

So a page a day is what you must start. Perhaps, from today night is a good idea…

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