Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can we match two persons, one who spread VULGARITY in mails and by doing this SINFUL ACTIVITY he gains bad deed in his account which multiplies rapidly as much as many people check it and forward it to others and God knows better by this way of multiplication how many bad deeds would be written in the account of the person who first initiated this mail/forwarded it to others.
On the other part the person who tries to follow religion in its true spirit and preach people to obey ALLAH, spread true knowledge about religion, invite people to check the authenticity of their faith and think about life after death instead of remaining busy in worldly affairs. Just imagine if a single person returns to the true path after reading the mail how much good deeds will be written in the account of person who initiated this mail. We cannot imagine the impact of multiplication of this good act. It will be known to us only after death.
God has given us choice and its our duty to choose right path. Soon we have to die and we will loose all the luxuries of life. Only good deeds will be with us. We definitely have to reply to our Creator one day. So why not think on it now. God will definitely show us right path if we try to find out. Let’s try together to repent and achieve permanent success of hereafter by following true religion.

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