Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Islam: Our Choice

Islam has been the faster growing faith in contemporary history. Historically before it could reach Madina (city of Saudi Arabia), it already traveled into the heart of Africa. It attracted followers from Persia, Rome, Ethiopia and Mesopotamia with varying ethnic origins, diverse languages and different socio-cultural backgrounds. The community inter-acted together in a way that not withstanding all diversities it becomes one composite whole.
This transformation of feelings, understanding and responses is a unique Islamic contribution. Once they joined the community of Islam they left for once and for all their cultural, ethnic or linguistic biases. Islam emerged as the single unifying force which cemented together their hearts and minds. This movement of Islam has continued for past 15 centuries and attracted people from so many backgrounds to join hands against all kinds of evils, and for propagation and realization of the ultimate truth.
In the following brief statements from people who at one time belonged to various religious and cultural backgrounds are collected together. It will be more in the fitness of things to call these seekers for truth ‘reverts’ instead of converts.
TIME to know ISLAM - TIME to Choice ISLAM
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A Spiritual Journey of those who have embraced ISLAM

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