Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Friday! :)


I was dust you gave me life
You gave me shape and form
With a garment of skin you clothed my bones
You breathed in me a soul

ALLAH, You gave me eyes so I may see your many wondrous things
And ears so I may hear nature as it sings
Limbs so I can walk and run upon your land
A brain so I may reason, think and understand
A heart so I can feel and know what's right from wrong
All these you gave to me wanting nothing in return

If I feel lost and in despair
I reach out and find you there
Through life's journey you are my guide
Protecting, comforting me, always by my side
ALLAH, You give me strength when I am weak
Light when times are dark and bleak
And though I hurt and let you down

ALLAH, Your mercy and forgiveness have no bounds
Your love is unconditional no matter what I do
Nobody could love me the way that you do

All living creation comes from your love
And shares your loving care,
Your love encompasses us, surrounds us everywhere
No soul that turns to you do you forsake
No request or plea do you not undertake

Always leading, guiding man, to their destiny
To live with you in Paradise for eternity
Vigilant, watching, always awake
Patiently, silently you wait

For man to worship and show their love for you
In the ways that you showed us to do

Written by:Madam Aisha

We take refuge with you Allah, the All hearer and All knower from Satan the cursed. He is Allah, tehre is no god save He, He knows the hidden and the apparent.; He is Most Merciful, Most Compassionate. He is Allah, there is no god save Him, the Sovereign, free from all defects, the Peace Giver, Securty Provider, the Guardian, the All Powerfull, the Compeller, the Super. Glorified be Allah from the Creator, the Original Designer. His are the best name, All that is in the heavens and the earth glo-rifies Him, He is the All powerful and All Wise.
Our Lord Allah swt! Grant us Good in this World and Good in the Hereafter, and Save us from the Chastisement of the Fire..... Ameen

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