Sunday, December 16, 2007

Historic Makkah... (Part 1)

The holy shrine of Saydatina Khadijah at a graveyard named, "Ma'ala"
Ma'ala is not decorated. Only stones are placed around there just as how the Prophet Muhammad SAW did.

The Tree Mosque: According to history, a tree from the foundations of this mosque had walked in the direction of Rasulullah SAW and said the Salam to a Bedouin who asked the Prophet SAW to prove that he is really a Prophet of Allah SWT.

Entrance to the Hira' Cave, Jabal Nur (Mountain of Light)
The Tower clock near Marwah Hill was the place where Saydatina Khadijah's house was located. There is a public toilet near the Tower clock. That's where Abu Jahal's house once stood.
The first picture shows a library, built over what was the birthplace of Rasulullah SAW.

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