Tuesday, December 25, 2007

O my dear Prophet

O my dear Prophet

I am just a sinful slave of God who tries to resemble you but haven’t succeeded so far.

I don’t know what to write now. I am just at a loss for words.

O my Prophet, I try to imagine you sometimes. I want to dream about you sometimes. When I hear your name, I feel deeply in sorrow. Yesterday in our lesson, when we were talking about you, I felt you near me. It was as if you were looking at me. I didn’t know what to do then O my Prophet. I felt I was going to cry. Did you really come there? I hope you did. If you did come there, I will feel myself as a worthy person. I will feel that I have gained Allah’s and your trust and love. Then I will have more determination fort he dawah. I know to struggle for our dawah I don’t need to see you, I must do it any way but that will give me courage.

I still wonder. Did you really come there? Did you really look at me? Did you see that I was going to cry?

Whenever your name is mentioned, I feel the same, even now. You are really so great a person that Allah created the whole universe just for your sake. (I am saying ‘are’ because you are not dead in our hearts)So how don’t I admire you? This will be foolishness. O my Prophet! How I wish I had seen you, sat next to you, listened to your speech. I envy the sahabah for that. They saw you, sat next to you, listened to you. They were so lucky.

But you call us Muslims living at the last times of the world as your brothers and sisters. Are we your brothers and sisters? That’s the biggest honour we could ever have and you give it to us.

I wonder about one more thing? When you have such a great character and honour, how can people still make fun of you? How can they? They surely don’t know you O my beloved Prophet, They really don’t know you. Because anyone who knows just a bit about you and who thinks a bit about you cant do these things’ my Prophet, whatever they do you wont be strained, Allah has cleaned you so how can they strain you?

O my dear Prophet, this is a small gift to you from me. I wrote what I feel. I hope you will come to my dreams and I will see you, sit next to you and hear you. At least in my dream.

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