Tuesday, December 25, 2007

O my God!

O my God!

What is happening to us?

Why are we all scattered around?

Why are we just tired of practising?

Has practising our religion ever brought bad things to us?

No. Then why are we just tired of it?

Why don’t we prefer what is good for us?

Why do we say when someone asks us to take our wudhu that the water is too cold?

Don’t we know that the Hell is waiting for us in that case?

Allah has created us perfectly without taking anything from us. Then why do we hesitate to do what He has ordered us?

Is it so hard to pray five times a day in return for all He has given us; our bodies, health, wealth, parents…?

Is it so hard to give to the poor with the money He gives us? Where do we think all our Money comes from? Our parents? No. Our relatives? No. Our bosses? No. It all comes from Allah. Don’t we know this? Then why do we hesitate to give to the poor.

Is it so hard just to fast for a month in a year of 12 months? Didn’t He give us this perfect body? Then why do we say ‘I can’t stand staying hungry. It harms my body. Moreover, I have to study hard this year and when I am hungry, I can’t concentrate.’ Just tell me ‘who gave us this brain and the ability to think?’He did it. Then how can He want us to do something that will really harm our bodies and brains? He surely knows us better than we do.

Is it so hard to ask our friends to come to the masjid and pray with us? We normally find plenty of time to talk about fashion, models; then why shouldn’t we find any time for informing our friends about our religion and what it requires?

Now O my friends we shouldn’t forget this: Anything we do may be the last thing we will do. Why shouldn’t it be something that will please Allah? There is no excuse for not practising. Why don’t we want to practise? Or do we think Islam isn’t worth practising? Now is the time for asking these questions to ourselves before it gets too late, before saying ‘O my God, what have I done? I have wasted my life.’

One more point: For some things there is no compensation.

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