Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The health of an Insurance...

The number of uninsured-US-citizens ( for health)
is the double of the number
of the whole-Iraqi-population.
The cost of this Iraqi war ,
which have turned Iraq worse off , to say the least.......
this cost could have covered the basic-health- insurance
of those uninsured-US- Citizens, for the next 14,5 years.
Besides that ,
2 million Iraqi would have not been exiled and refugees
half a million would not have been wounded
and 150 thousands Iraqis would have survived.
And from the aggressor's side ,
4.000 thousands dead
105 thousand injured..... ..and disabled.
Next time The USA wants to liberate any other "Iraq"
it should remember that in President Saddam's times ,
all Iraqi citizens have had a free-health- insurance ,
and free education too .
On the other side ,
3,5 Million US-citizens are homeless in their own homeland
3,5 Million Palestinians are homeless outside their Homeland
Palestinians are not homeless because of the homeless US-citizens
but the US tax payers are building those homes for Israels
rather than homes for US-citizens at home.
And......... Palestinians became homeless because of Israelis are building
settlements with US money......on Palestinian land.
Vote for Ron Paul .....
he wants to stop financial aid to Israel
he wants to recall all US soldiers worldwide.
a double dream !!!! .......probably he is not even an American !!!
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
statistical annalist

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