Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Day of Judgment (Qiyamah)

The Day of Judgment (Qiyamah)

When the earth shall suffer a tremouring quake
When men will ask, what has made her shake?
When mountains will fly in the air like flake
The sun will be lowered and the earth shall bake

The day when a loud trumpet be sounded
And all that is standing shall then be grounded
With a bang so loud, the ears will be pounded
With fright and fear, the hearts will be wounded

It is the day of a very loud burst
The day when mountains will scatter like dust
These are the signs of the day of just
And the day of just, its coming is a must

The bones shall be taken out of the clay
And then be assembled back on that day
And then he be asked, on earth did he pray
Khums and Zakah if ever did he pay

There will be faces, glorious and bright
On reclined couches relaxed at a height
And there will be faces filled with fright
Exposed to heat, engulfed in plight

Oh my Lord, forgive me my sins
After all I am, just a human being
For getting your blessings, really I am keen
From this moment onwards, I shall remain clean
And from the bottom of my heart, this is what I mean


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