Sunday, February 17, 2008


Can you explain?
Is faith that which ends a drought with much rain?
Indirectly, yes it is, God brings the rain, and patiently waiting for the rain is the part you play,
Believing that only God, Whom you've never seen can ease your pain,

Believing in the unseen, the unknown,
Believing in what cannot be physically shown,
Let me address those who do not believe,
Those who do not know why our souls must leave,

Look around, O! clueless one,
Who created the heavens and the earth, the moon and the sun?
With such intricate detail,
Who created the male and the female?

Human DNA is like a computer programme,
but far far far more advanced than any software ever created,
Is this a topic that can truly be debated?
Complex programmes are created, they do not evolve,
Yet you use the logic that the blueprint of life,
the far more complex programme of DNA developed
by chance as the world began to revolve?

Have you not read the Holy Scriptures, The Quran, the Bible, the Torah?
Do you not take note that they inform us of many scientific truths that are only being proven today?
In this make believe world that I just disproved, is this where you want to stay?

In the hereafter you'll get your fair share,
A time when it will be too late to run,
So change your way of thinking,
take a look around you,
contemplate on who created these natural wonders,
and Believe that God is the one.

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