Friday, March 07, 2008

Halal & Haram

HALAL AND HARAM (lawful and unlawful things)

(Source: Ihya-Ulum-Id-Din by Imam Ghazzali (r.a.) Revival of Religious Learnings-
English Translation by Fazlul Karim  Publisher Darul-Ishaat Karachi Pakistan)

Rasulullah (sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said : It is compulsory on every Muslim to seek lawful earnings. He termed this compulsory subject as a thing of wisdom for a wise man out of other compulsory things. Lawful things are clear and unlawful things are also clear. between these two , there are doubtful things which are not clear and difficult to know. All things are limited within these three things.


In Holy Quran Allah says:

  • Eat of the good things and do good deeds- 2:168.
  • Allah ordered for eating good things before doing good deeds. The object of this order is eating of lawful things.
  • Don't eat properties of one another unjustly-2:188.
  • O believers, fear Allah and give up what remains of interest (usury) if you are believes-2.278.
  • If you do not do it, then be prepared to fight with Allah and His Prophet-2:289.
  • Then He says : If you repent, then for you is the capital. Then He said: Those who turn away from that are the inmates of Hell. They will abide therein. At first, eating of interest (usury) , then call for fight with Allah and His Apostle and last of all residing in Hell have been mentioned. There are innumerable verses regarding lawful and unlawful things.

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