Sunday, April 20, 2008


" Jealousy"

Jealousy is man's incurable ill,
Tempered only by sheer will.
It has the ability to maim and kill.

It smolders as eternal fire,
Destroying all love and desire.
It is life's deepest, dirtiest quagmire.

Of the five deadly sins, it is worse,
Plagueing the soul, as though by curse..
Words to speak of it are even terse.

Jealousy is in fact, the Devil's seed,
Planted in insecurity and nurtured
only by one's own self need.

It erodes the very seams of sanity,
Swift as a saber, threatening all of humanity.
Born out of man's own vanity.

In the Garden of Life, indeed!
I think that everyone will conceed..
Jealousy is God's most obnoxious weed.

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