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Purdah/Veil and the Status of Women in ISLAM - Al-Maududi's Masterpiece Book

Yes! This is the same "Veil/Purdah" which Europe loathes and detests, and the very vision of which weighs heavily on the Western conscience, and which is regarded as a mark of oppression, narrow mindedness and barbarism. Yes, this is the same thing that is mentioned first of all in pointing out the ignorance and backwardness of an Eastern nation. So much so that when a person has to describe the cultural and social advancement of an Eastern nation, the first thing that he mentions with great satisfaction is that it has discarded the "Purdah/Veil". Now if the Muslim so feels, let him hang his head with shame. For it is not something that was devised and adopted later it was indeed devised by the Qur ' an itself and established by the Holy Prophet himself as a social custom...

Indeed, all the disputes about the veil spring from this hypocrisy. People have tried their very best to prove that the present form ofPurdah/Veil was a custom of the pre-Islamic communities, and that Muslims adopted this custom of ignorance long after the time of the Holy Prophet.

If one carefully considers these injunctions for Purdah/Veil, one will find that the Islamic Purdah/Veil is not a custom of ignorance, but it is a rational law. A custom of ignorance is something rigid: it does not permit modification or change under any circumstances. If it covers a thing, it covers it forever, and it cannot be uncovered whatever may happen. In contrast to this, a rational law is flexible. It permits strictness and laxity according to the circumstances ' ; it permits exceptions in its rules according to the time and occasion.

"O Prophet, enjoin your wives and daughters and the women of the Muslims to draw their outer-garments close round them; it isexpected that they will be recognized, and thus not molested..."  (33:59)

"Every religion has a morality, and the morality of Islam is Haya (Shyness)".

The word "Purdah/Veil" is used as a title for the set of injunctions, which constitute the most important part of the Islamic system of community life. If these injunctions are viewed in their right perspective against the structure of this system, every person who has not wholly lost his powers of discernment will readily admit this to be the only balanced and just view in regard to man ' s social life.




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Purdah/Veil and the Status of Women in ISLAM

Sayyid A. A. Maududi

For anyone looking for comprehensive & deeper information about the long debated issue of Purdah/Veil and the Status of Women inISLAM, this book will help you to a better understanding of the topic. The roles and rights of Muslim women have been the subject of hot debate amongst Muslims and non-Muslims for centuries.  Adequate Quranic references on the topic of Hijab, Purdah and the Muslim Woman ' s dress code as appointed by Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

In this landmark book, Sayyid Maududi, one of the leading Islamic Scholar of our time shatters stereotypes and clearly presents the topics with the historical & logical approach. It covers the following areas: Nature of the Problem, Status of Woman in Different Ages Greece,Rome, Christian Europe, Modern Europe, Three Doctrines of Western Society, Miserable Failure of Human Intellect, Western Concepts of Morality, Tragic Consequences - I & II, The Decisive Question, Social System of Islam -I,II & III, Commandments of Purdah/Veil and Divine Laws for the Movements of Women.

This is one of the author ' s MASTERPIECE book and this package of material is appropriate for Muslims and for Non-Muslimswishing to gain a deeper understanding of the Purdah/Veil and the Status of Women in ISLAM.

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