Thursday, May 01, 2008

Quran is the most tolerant as well as Universal Book in the world

Quran on Jews: Quran is the ONLY non-Jewish scripture in the world where Jews have been honored and protected in so many verses [2:40, 2:47, 10:47, 2:122, 10:93, 20:47, 20:80, 44:30-32, 45:16, 5:44, etc.], good Jews have been praised with respect [3:113-115, 5:65-66, etc.], and they have also been offered salvation if they follow their own scriptures [5:69, 5:65-66, 3:113-115, 2:62, etc.].

Quran on Christians: Quran is the ONLY non-Christian scripture in the world where Jesus Christ and Mary have been honored with very high regard [3:42, 5:46, Chapter 3, Chapter 19 on Mary, etc.], good Christians have been praised with respect [3:113-115, 5:65-66, 5:82, etc.], and they have also been offered salvation if they follow their own scriptures [5:69, 5:65-66, 3:113-115, 2:62, etc.].

Quran on idolaters and polytheists: Unlike Bible that prescribes death penalty for idolatry and polytheism [Deuteronomy 17:3-5, 13:6-15; 2 Chronicles 15:13, etc.], there is no punishment for idolatry or polytheism in the Quran [22:17, 6:107-8, 22:67, 17:84, 49:11, etc.]. Moreover, unlike Bible that prescribes stoning to death for apostasy, blasphemy and disbelief [Leviticus 24:16, etc.], Quran offers freedom of faith and freedom of religion in so many verses [109:6, 2:256, 6:104, 10:108, 11:108, 18:29, 17:15, 10:99, 76:3, 42:48, 12:104, 39:41, 11:121, 34:25, 6:107-8, 10:41, 2:139, 2:272, 42:6, 73:19, 43:88-89, etc.].

Note-1: The verses 5:51 and 3:28 refer to terrorist/intolerant Jews and Christians, not ALL. Please see the verses 5:57-59 and 60:7-9 for clarification.

Note-2: The verses 2:65 and 7:165 refer to a group of bad Jews who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath and other prohibitions [see 2:63-66 and 7:164-166 for clarification], who have even been condemned to death in the Bible for the same [Exodus 31:14]!!!

Note-3: Vedas and Gita condemn idolatry and polytheism [Yajurveda 40:8-9; Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19-20, 6:9; Gita 7:20, 7:23, 9:25, etc.]. Gita also vehemently condemns atheists and materialists who do not worship Krishna [Gita 4:40, 16:6-20, 7:15, 17:28, 18:27-28, 9:25, etc.].

Note-4: Majority Christians do not follow the true teaching of Jesus. For example: Jesus himself never claimed to be God (the Creator of the Universe); He never preached irrational doctrine like original sin and trinity; He never told his followers to worship him; In fact, he used to pray to God the way Muslims do [Matthew 26:39, 14:23]; and so on.  

Honest and unbiased readers are now requested to go through the above quoted verses from different scriptures and see what anti-Muslim propagandists are preaching against Islam to create enmity and hatred between Muslim and non-Muslim communities is true or not. They are definitely ashamed of the above Quranic verses!!!

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