Monday, June 09, 2008

Masjid's impact on family

The Masjid's Impact on the Family
"Let us not give up meeting together [in Masjid],
as some are in the habit of doing,
but let us encourage one another…."

A study conducted some time ago by sociologist Steven Nock
of the University of Virginia showed that couples who regularly attend
Masjid are 42% more likely to be married for the first time.
And those in the Masjid who were committed to its beliefs
had a 23% better chance of having a "very happy"
marriage than those who don't attend Masjid.

Furthermore, according to a report by Warren Mueller,
where both parents attend Masjid regularly,
92% of their children continue in the faith.
Where only the father attends, that percentage drops to 55%,
but where only the mother attends,
just 15% of the children remain involved in the Masjid.

Need I say more?

Suggested prayer:
"Dear God, please help me to be an active participant
in a healthy Masjid and have positive fellowship (relationships)
with fellow Muslims both for my own growth
and to be an encourager to others.

Make Dua for me :)

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