Saturday, July 19, 2008

Email from Yusuf Estes

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Salam alaykum:
We would really value your help on this. I am hoping you have a minute to look over these suggestions for programs and projects for dawah, students of knowledge, women, youth groups - found on our websites, and you will write back to me with some of your ideas or suggestions for our next campaign coming up soon, inshallah. We really need your input, so please just take a moment and let us have your feed back, inshallah.
Jazakallah khairan - Salam alaykum, Yusuf Estes
General Dawah Projects: <**EZ DAWAH** Download the program from this site - make copies - hook a projector to the computer - project the sound and PowerPoint Presentation up on the screen or a blank wall - send out the CDs (or the link) to dawah people and masjids everywhere to use for dawah to non-Muslims, like "Open House" or "Pot Luck Dinners" or any gatherings for basic info on Islam in simple English> <do the drop down list on the left side and copy some of the videos and hand them out - then ask the brothers to copy them and hand them out to others who will do the same thing - this is easy way to make dawah> <listen to the programs, download, copy and distribute and ask each one to copy and give them out as well>
Students After Knowledge: <Use this site for helping students understand meanings of the Quran> <Basic information - Reciters - Audios - translations - Our "Learn At Home"  - Word By Word teaching recitation online (this portion of this site is scheduled to be completed within next few days, July 31)> <Use basic proofs from scientists for dawah - (9) videos of actual scientists explaining why they now believe in Quran due to the "Miracles of Quran" - answers for "Evolution vs. Creation" - Purpose of creation - download, make copies - Muslims & even other religions can use this for atheists>
(1) <Visit here to see how we make dawah and give shahadahs 24 hours a day - moderated chat limits visitors to be able to "be seen" by the hosts, moderators and monitors - other guests cannot see each other's comments - stops the bad things said in chatrooms and makes a very nice, comfortable and peaceful place to go to watch (Share Islam TV) and listen (Share Islam Radio) 24 hours a day - share this link>
(2) <Learn to be "moderators" or "monitors" on this site after you attend the live lessons, classes, lectures and the question & answer sessions - famous scholars and presenters teach Islam in simple English terms daily - share the link to this site with non-Muslims> <Check schedule for times and teachers - similar to the Chat Islam>
Sisters & Women Project: <Check out the many features of the site - Go to the Goodies pages - Take the Quiz - Ask questions - share the link>
Dawah to Non-Muslim Projects: <Go through the articles and find which of these could be used in emails - then copy the Headlines - include a link to the exact page of the story and send it out asking them to read and forward to those who might be interested in the topic - example: Harsh questions against Islam or Age of Ayesha when she married, etc. <Read the articles here and watch the videos to get the feel for what priests and preachers of other faiths are interested in about Islam. The videos were made at the Catholic church TV station in California last year> <Type in any word(s) and see the results - only websites with the correct teachings of Islam come up without anything attacking Islam - save this search engine for Islam as a "Favorite" and share it with everyone you know> <Anyone not familiar with reading and writing Arabic would appreciate the lessons and games on this site, inshallah - forward it to others>
Halaqas (circles of learning) in the masjid should always include things of interest for the youth, new Muslims and those who are waking up to real Islam. Offering the time to ask questions and giving simple and plain answers to the questions.
Have actual demonstrations: How to make wudu and preform salat correctly - How to draw closer to Allah by being living examples of Islam - Keeping ourselves clean and pure through sunnah like: clipping finger nails, removing hairs, etc.
Youth Dawah Projects: <ask each one to become members, each one set up his own account (like on any site like MySpace, YouTube) and upload some of the videos to their account for people to watch> <share this link with each brother (sisters too) and have them each email this link to friends and ask them to check out the style of the site and give us their opinion of the appearance and design (the images all move around on the page and the menu bar goes up and down in the big circle) - circulate this link with a questionaire to fill out telling us what they liked, didn't like, recommendations, etc.>
Outdoor activities - Outings are great - sports - trips - camping - hiking - sports
(and be sure to do salat on time and have some recitation of Quran and some hadeeths mixed in)
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Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes
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