Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who is Allah?


Allah has been known by 99 attributes or traits which are mentioned in the Quran. These are known as His beautiful names. These are names that have been revealed to humanity while there are many other attributes that we are not aware of. Our intellect has not been given the capacity to comprehend them or recognize Allah through these characteristics. When we ponder on the names of Allah we are filled with wonder and awe at His being and power it wields. If we are to think of any one human who would have all these 99 traits we can imagine the person to be so superior and so powerful. Then imagine our Creator who not only possesses the peak of all these excellent traits but also possesses other traits that we are not even aware of and are not even able to comprehend.

If we consider other deities that have been created by humans and taken as a partner to Allah. None of these false gods/goddesses have anywhere communicated with such clarity and elegance their own characteristics and traits. Each one of them are given certain attributes and powers to the exclusion of other traits and powers. None of them have the full grown personality or persona that we can create in our minds when we think of Allah and His 99 attributes.

Who is Allah? Simply put He is the bundle of positive power and energy and the more we contemplate His powers and understand Him, the more His power manifests in our life. The more we are in a position to fight and win against the internal and external negative forces that are trying to overwhelm us.

Each of the 99 names contains such depth and meaning that when we start pondering on them we come up against the limitations of our own intellect and human capacity. A small beginning has been made by me to try to know my Creator by pondering and contemplating His greatness through these 99 beautiful names. If you find the attached writeup on name Ar-Rahman interesting send me an encouraging email please.



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