Tuesday, November 04, 2008

21st Century Britain: Islam or Christianity?

21st Century Britain: Islam or Christianity?

Which Faith is more relevant for the 21st Century, Islam or Christianity? Are Christian values still relevant today? Is religious faith still relevant?

Representing the Muslim perspective was Hamzah Andreas Tzortzis, Mr. Hamzah a revert to Islam is an international lecturer, public speaker, freelance writer, author, and activist. He is particularly interested in issues related to Islam, Philosophy and Politics. He has debated prominent academics, intellectuals and public speakers.Hamzah writes and speaks about issues related to belief, politics, spirituality, philosophy, ideology and more. Mr. Adnan is a student of Islam and comparative religion.

Representing the Christian side was Mr. Jay Smith, a Ph.D. candidate in Islamic studies at Brunel University in London. He has participated in many debates that have included distinguished opponents such as Benazir Bhuto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is famous for his unique evangelistic ministry. He teaches Christian-Muslim Apologetics. Beth Grove is a British grad student in theology, she is part of Hyde Park Christian Fellowship, she debates the place of women in traditional Islam, in contrast to New Testament teaching.She has debated Muslims on the street level at Speaker's Corner for the past two years.
The Topic of Debate: 21st Century Britain: Islam or Christianity?

Hamzah Andreas Tzortzis (www.hamzatzortzis.com) and Adnan

Jay Smith (www.debate.org.uk) and Beth Grove



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