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Fatwa - Signs of an accepted Haj

Fatwa - Signs of an accepted Haj

Q – Are there any signs which appear upon those whose performance of the Haj or the Umrah is accepted?

A – The possible signs for the one whose Haj, fasting, charity or prayer has been accepted by Allah could be:

The opening of the heart (to good), happiness of the heart and a bright face.

Certainly, for worshipping (Allah) there are signs that appear on the body, signs that are visible and signs that are hidden. Some of the pious predecessors have mentioned that from the signs that a good (act) has been accepted (by Allah) is that he will be granted the ability to do (yet) another good (act). Certainly the ability granted by Allah to him to do more good (acts) after it, is evidence that Allah has accepted his previous good (acts). He has made it easy for him to do another good act and is happy with him for it.

— Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen; Daleel Al-Akhtaa.a yaqa'a feehaa Al-Haaj wal-Mu'tamir wat-tahdtheer minhaa - Page 115

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