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Through science to the Almighty

Through science to the Almighty

Dr. Albert McCombs Winchester, who is an expert in biology, has expressed his views as follows:

''.....after many years of study and work in the fields of science, my faith in God, rather than being shaken, has become much stronger and acquired a firmer foundation than heretofore. Science brings about an insight into majesty and omnipotence of the Supreme Being which grows stronger with each discovery.'' (Evidence p.165)

When the great scientist Galileo looked through the telescope and discovered multitudes of new stars in the Milky Way, the four moons of the planet Jupiter, the phases of the planet Venus, the details of the moon, and other celestial phenomena, he wrote as follows:

'' I am quite beside myself with wonder and infinitely grateful to God that it has pleased Him to permit me to discover such great marvels.' (The Growth of physical Science by Sir James Jeans, p.173, Cambridge, 1951)

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan of Islamic Centre, has written a nice book entitled 'God Arises'. (Published by Maktaba al Risala, c-29 Nizamuddin West, New Delhi,1987) in which he has collected the evidence of science and the saying of the scientists on the existence of Almighty God. He has narrated an inspiring incident in this book, which I shall relate. Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi had visited England in the year 1909. On a Sunday when it was raining hard, he met Sir James Jeans, the famous astronomer of the Cambridge University, going to a church with a Bible clutched under his arm. Mr. Inayatullah Kan expressed his astonishment that a person of such a universal fame like him is going to pray in a church. Sir James Jeans asked Mr. Inayatullah Khan to come to his house and have tea with him in the evening. Accordingly, Mr. Inayatullah Khan went to his house in the evening. Sir James Jeans was lost in his thoughts, he asked What your question was? But without waiting for an answer, he gave an inspiring description of the creation of the celestial bodies, their motions and the astonishing order to which they adhere. His voice and his movements clearly showed that he was deeply impressed by the Power and Majesty of God. He said You know Inayatullah Khan when I behold God's marvelous feats of creation, my whole being trembles in awe at His majesty. When I go to church I bow my head and say, 'Lord, how great you are' and not only my lips, but every particle of my body joins in uttering these words. I obtain incredible peace and joy from my prayer. Compared to others, I receive a thousand times more fulfillment from my prayers. So tell me, Inayatullah Khan, now do you understand why I go to Church?

Hearing this Mr. Inayatullah Khan told Sir James Jeans that his words reminded him of a verse of the Holy Qura'n which he would like to quote if permitted. Sir James Jeans replied: Of course. Mr. Inayatullah Khan then quoted the following verse:

'' And among the mountains are streaks, white and red, of diverse hues and others raven black; And in like manner, there are men and beasts and cattle, of various colours. Only those of His servants who possess knowledge fear Allah.''(35:27,28)

Sir James Jeans was deeply impressed by these words of the Holy Qura'n he exclaimed:

''What was that? It is those who have knowledge who fear God. Wonderful! How extraordinary! It has taken me fifty years of continual study and observation to realize this fact. Who taught it to (Hazrat) Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)? Is this really in the Qura'n? If so, you can record my testimony that the Qura'n is an inspired Book. (Hazrat) Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was illiterate. He could not have learnt this immensely important fact on his own. God must have taught it to him. Incredible! How extraordinary! '' (God Arises p.215 with reference to Nuqoosh Shakhsiyat (i.e.; Impression of Personalities) ( p .1208 -1209)

In short, the words Only those of His servants who possess knowledge fear Allah present a profound truth. The study of the universe not only leads us to the conclusion that God exists but also inculcates the love of God (Qura'n 2:164-166) and the fear of God.

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