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Hazrat Husain

The early history of Islam is replete with examples of men and women who patiently put up with all sorts of persecution and willingly laid down their lives for the sake of truth. However, the later-day Muslims needed a more stirring example to serve as an eternal reminder that social and political ills cannot be held in check without paying a really heavy price. Allah willed that this supreme example be set by the grandson of the Messenger of Allah.

The martyrdom of Hazrat Husain has a significance of its own. He stood firmly, against overwhelming odds, for what he believed to be the right cause in the interest of Islam. He had no delusions about the outcome of the struggle. But the grim outlook only added to the strength of his resolve.

The supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Husain exalted him to a position of glory, which the mightiest of emperors might well envy. Hazrat Husain became a symbol of the eternal struggle of right against might. Whenever and wherever men feel overawed by the forces of evil, their thoughts turn to Hazrat Husain. They take heart from his example and carry on the fight with a renewed faith.

A Brief Historical Account of Events Leading to the Martyrdom of Imam Husain r.a. Al-Husain was the second son of Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), by her husbandAli, the fourth Khalifah. A brother to Al-Hasan(r.a)

The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said,

"Both of them are my children and the sons of my daughter. O Allah! I love them both. So you too, love them as well as those who have love for them."

Imam Husain ibn-i-Ali stands out as the beacon of light throwing his pure and lustrous effulgence attracting the votaries of Truth and self-sacrifice. The noblest martyr...



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