Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Islam will overwhelm


The state of our ummah as compared to other religious community is remarkably good in that our basic outlines are intact and the doctrine is still there. The prayers are prayed fives times in the mosque in congregations everywhere. Ramadan is loved and practiced by millions who choose to live as temporary ascetics and the Hajj is still the Hajj of old. The basic bedrock of the faith remains. This is the great miracle in this age that a religion born out of a time so utterly different, but does not make comprises whatsoever. Every other corrupted religion is making comprises giving into the pressures of this age. Just recently the Dalai Lama mentioned that maybe Buddhism isn't against homosexuality after all and how Christians seem to invent new forms of worship every year.

Our beautiful ummah is the last bastion of authentic monotheism and upright religion. And anybody from a different religious faith who really knows what religion is all about rather than just turning it into a woolly minded social service will have nothing but respect for us, s/he might disagree with us, but s/he knows that we still see things as they are.

If the world shouts down to us, we do not change. Aberration is not of us. We are the only one who continues to uphold a complete sacred beautiful vision of life amidst the shouting meaningless of late modernity and the shallowness of consumer, advising, nihilism that is the modern human condition and THAT IS WHY OUR SHIP IS GOING TO PULL THROUGH THESE STORMY WATERS. Everybody else (all forms of religions in the modern era) have given in and let too much water in and are now forced to aboard our ship sooner or later because we're all that's left. Only we have that radiant figure of the centre of our faith, a Prophet who is the perfect role model and an untainted revelation still accessible to the masses. All this should lead us to extraordinary gratefulness to Allah and give us hope despite this changing world in a time where everybody else has given up basically and gone with the secular preoccupation and priorities of the modern world, we continue to be on the straight path. This is the miracle!

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