Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Morning coffee…

When you're persistent you find the power to hold on

and persevere in spite of anything.  You're able to

overcome every obstacle and you do all that's

necessary to succeed.

Persistence does not mean you will not fail. but

it does mean that when you feel defeated you rise

above your disappointment and keep trying.  Instead

of giving up when all seems hopeless, you find a way

to keep going.  You simply refuse to give up.

Great things will come your way when you persist

and endure what seems possible.  No, it's not easy,

but remember big achievements require time.

Be patient and don't give up, you can persevere and

you will succeed.

Fighting against despair will usually just serve to deepen and prolong it.

Instead of fighting against despair, overwhelm it with joy.

The best way to move away from something negative is to move toward something positive.

For every ounce of discouragement that comes your way, respond with a pound of positive, joyful living.

Rather than being overly concerned about what you're fighting against,

find yourself something to live for.

Put your time and energy in a positive, productive,

creative, life-affirming direction.

Imagine what would happen if you were disrespectful,

rude and insulting to another person,

and yet that person offered you nothing but kindness,

respect and gratitude in return. How long would you be able to

maintain such a negative approach?

Probably not very long, for your negativity would soon be overwhelmed

by the sincere kindness being returned to you. In the same way,

you can overwhelm the negativity that comes your way.

Respond to life with kindness, with joy, with positive,

productive action and enthusiasm.

Overwhelm the difficult world with goodness and joy.

Ralph Marston

Thought for the day...

"Words are one of our chief means of adjusting to all

the situations of life.

The better control we have of our words,

the more successful our adjustment will be."

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