Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Women in Islam

Bismillah Rahman Raheem
Salam Alaykum,
Dear Sisters,
I am excited and want to share something very inspirational with you about the lives of the female companions of our blessed prophet, peace be upon him.
Our web designers have just completed a Multi-Page section on our Islam's Women website featuring some of the greatest women of Islam.
The beauty of the design, the presentation and layout make it an overwhelming experience and a wonderful chance to get to know the role models for us, as followers of Islam living in today's world.
Imagine your relatives and friends, both Muslims and non-Muslims, enjoying and learning from these exciting and inspiring examples of sacrifice, patience and dedication to serving the One True God -
Be sure to tell them to bring a box of tissues - it really is that inspiring.

1. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

2. Ayshah bint Abu Bakr

3. Hafsah bint Umar

4. Umm Salamah

5. Zaynab bint Jahsh

6. Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan

7. Fatimah bint Muhammad

8. Umm Rooman

9. Umm Hiram bint Milhan

10. Umm Umarah

11. Asma' bint Abu Bakr

12. Umm Sulaim

13. Khawlah bint Al-Azwar
Love and peace - Salam Alaykum,
Your Sister in Islam,
Sis Khadejah

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